Product Development

Successful companies rely on new products to keep them ahead of their competition. But conceiving, then developing new products, and bringing them to market fast and cost effectively needs knowledge, competence and experience.

Product Development

From idea to market Invetech integrates creativity, commercial know-how and technical acumen to help you create business success.

Innovation is our hallmark. It's what sets us apart. Our ability to generate winning commercial solutions by creating new ideas and different ways of doing things.

By definition, innovation requires breaking new ground — a daunting prospect when it's your product, money or reputation at stake. With our years of commercial insight, world-class development and technical experience behind us, we minimise your risk because we know the process.

Technical know-how and commercial experience are critical elements in getting the right product to the right market at the right time.

Our range of skills, in-house capabilities and broad industry experience combine with proven processes, and innovation and management tools, to deliver tangible results — not just advice.

Throughout the product development journey, our consultative approach ensures your strategic objectives are met. We understand your commercial drivers and your need for a competitive advantage.

We add value to every step of your journey; and when you take this journey with us, it is with confidence and assurance.

From Prototype to Production

Our teams of industry and regulatory specialists, designers, engineers and applied scientists work with you to:

  • define product requirements
  • create workable product concepts
  • integrate product design and rapid prototypes
  • evaluate form, fit and function
  • deliver a complete engineering design pack
  • transfer the product to manufacturing

The result is a new product design that delivers the right balance of quality, speed, cost and innovation. Ready for production and ready for market.

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