Custom Automation

Working with you to create breakthrough products and custom automation through innovative design, engineering and manufacturing.

Custom Automation

Whether it's the delivery of a new product, or a reduction in a product's manufactured cost, manufacturing and production departments play a critical role in achieving a product's commercial success.

Too often great products become mediocre successes — or worse, failures — because of poor planning leading to delays to market, higher than expected final cost of goods or poor quality.

Not only can these fundamental causes of failure be avoided, but, if manufacturing is "truly" integrated into the product development process, exciting new opportunities can be uncovered.

Invetech's Custom Automation team specialise in identifying and assisting Clients bridge the gap between failure and success, and realising the opportunities in between.

Getting Your Idea to Market

Our ability to help companies develop new products and manufacture them is critical to success. Our 30 years' experience, integrated with powerful proprietary tools and processes, deliver tangible results.

Our team of manufacturing technology experts work with you to:

  • Estimate and compare the cost of goods from the earliest stages in the product development life cycle
  • Identify potential risks and the most appropriate mitigation strategy
  • Provide a feedback loop to the product design process
  • Identify cost effective and appropriate manufacturing strategies and equipment that match your scale-up requirements
  • Integrate various manufacturing technologies into a complete manufacturing system
  • Develop custom automation to improve quality and maximise productivity

Our broad expertise ranges from low-volume, quality critical, automated cellular processing systems to automated assembly and testing of high-volume, low cost consumer products.

This diverse experience, combined with an innovative culture, enables us to leverage the technical know-how gained from a variety of industries and product developments, to deliver truly breakthrough outcomes.

Our commercial acumen and commitment to your commercial success enables us to guide you on the most appropriate scale-up strategy, from the impact of automation to the potential location of manufacture.


  • Production Scale-up planning
  • Product Cost modelling
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Risk based design
  • Automated assembly and testing
  • Cellular processing
  • Fluidics handling & dispensing
  • Bead handling & processing
  • Thermal control
  • Optical analysis
  • Electrical analysis & testing
  • Systems integration
  • Control systems & user interfaces
  • Regulatory compliance


  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Quality systems based on GAMP

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