Critical Care Whole Blood Analysis Instrument

Our client developed a new biosensor technology for medical and industrial applications. They approached Invetech to assist with transferring this technology to a commercial ready biosensor platform.

Critical Care Whole Blood Analysis Instrument
Commercialisation of breakthrough biosensor technology for critical-care diagnostics

Our Ingenuity

Our client was a start-up company and looking to take their first product to market. Our challenge was to create a product with a strong, brand-building visual identity, yet not ostentatious considering the environment into which it will be placed.

The solution should include those features essential to the critical care environment:

  • Rapid turn-around of results (< 5 min)
  • Simplicity of operation
  • Reliability of result
  • Expandable test menu
  • Whole blood sample
  • Simple O.C. requirements

Working closely with our client's scientific team we developed:

  • The reader instrument
  • The cartridge (housing the client's proprietary biosensors)
  • A scaleable manufacturing technology for the cartridge

The challenges included:

  • Development of a complex, single-use microfluidics cartridge suitable for safe sampling from closed blood tubes, and capable of handling whole blood
  • Parallel development and integration of the reader instrument, microfluidics cartridge, and cartridge manufacturing system
  • Meeting ease of use and user safety requirements at a CLIA waiver level

Your Advantage

A first of kind instrument that analyses whole blood samples in hospital critical care units and provides accurate and quantitative diagnostic results in less than five minutes. Most other testing systems require several hours for analysis.

The system requires minimal expertise to perform the tests, making it ideal for use in non-laboratory settings.