MyCartis Evalution™ Multiplex Detection Platform

Evalution™, the MyCartis' Multiplex Detection Platform allows researchers in life sciences to analyze a broad range of protein and nucleic-acid based biomarkers in a simple integrated workflow.

Multiplex Detection Platform
Multiplex Detection Platform

The Evalution™ platform is built around disposable, microfluidic assay plate containing digitally-encoded microparticles. The integrated reaction and detection environment offers real-time visualization of the reaction and data traceability for easy and reliable assay development and delivers high quality data. Evalution™ provides fast and highly sensitive detection of a broad range and number of biomarkers. The flexibility and simplicity of the workflow enables researches to streamline procedures for biomarker verification and validation and accelerate the translation of novel content to clinical practice. MyCartis and its partners are developing assays for Evalution in the fields of oncology, cardiology, neurology, and immunology.

In partnering with MyCartis on this exciting project, Invetech rapidly developed highly integrated customized instrumentation. By integrating the design and manufacturing teams, we were able to bring a prototype product to market in less than 12 months.

Invetech closely collaborated with MyCartis teams and their partners for cartridge development to ensure trouble free interfacing between the instrument and microfluidic cartridge, whilst enabling seamless integration of a range of technologies into a single platform (optics, precision positioning, pressurized control, micro-fluidics, micro-fabrication).

Invetech's partnership with MyCartis has been highly flexible to support them appropriately through their development stages from 5 to more than 200 staff over the period of engagement. Invetech will manufacture these instruments at its Melbourne instrument manufacturing facility.