MDS Analytical: CellKey™ – High Throughput
Secondary Screening Instrument

CellKey™ is a high information secondary screening instrument enabling label-free, real-time cell-based functional analysis of endogenous receptors.

CellKey™ – High Throughput Secondary Screening Instrument
MDS Sciex

Our Ingenuity

We provided the instrument development and transfer to manufacture for the world's first cellular dielectric spectrometer

Our role included:

  • Concept generation
  • Hardware development (analyser, fluidics, robotics, heating)
  • Software for control and service
  • Prototype build, test and qualification
  • Design verification
  • Transfer to manufacture

Challenges included:

  • Fluid handling
  • High performance impedance measurement
  • Temperature control
  • Cell plate handling
  • Transfer to manufacture in Singapore

Your Advantage

The end result:

  • Performs high sensitivity label-free measurements of real time cellular response to drug candidates
  • Uses custom 96 well microplates with sensing elements in each well to directly measure cell impedance changes
  • Interfaces to laboratory automation (microplates and disposables in pop-out draws)