Xtralis: Advanced Aspirating Smoke Detection System

The VESDA product line provides early warning of fire, using a laser to continuously analyze aspirated room air. It detects air composition changes due to smouldering well before visible smoke is present.

Xtralis VESDA – Advanced Smoke Detection System
Winner 2006 Australian Design Award Design Mark


Aspirating smoke detection for high value asset protection.

Our Ingenuity

Invetech worked with our client to develop a compact, revolutionary aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system to provide earliest possible warning of a potential fire.

Incorporating first-in-industry Ultrasonic Airflow Sensing, the LaserFOCUS™ provides flow measurement that is immune to temperature and pressure changes. It is also immune to high levels of contamination, allowing it to be installed in environments that have high levels of dust, pollution or unstable environmental conditions.

In addition to design and engineering, we developed the innovative "Smoke Dial", a first of type user interface providing easy recognition from distance of the detected smoke risk, allowing a constant and unambiguous reading of a fire threat.

During the development process we overcame a range of challenges including:

  • The integration of software algorithms and opto-electronics with the laser chamber design,
  • the elimination of false alarms when detectors are working in dusty environments,
  • a complex moulded housing design which minimized parts count to reduce cost and provide effective sealing of air paths, and
  • a strictly regulated application environment mandating rigorous development and testing. methods as well as outstanding system reliability and fault tolerance.

Finally, to gain greater acceptance in the market, the LaserFOCUS™ smoke detector was designed with an "out-of-the-box" concept to make installation and commissioning quick and easy.

Your Advantage

The VESDA LaserFOCUS™ is the most advanced air sampling smoke detection technology for small environments such as server rooms and small telecommunication facilities.

The detector not only incorporates many "Design for Manufacture" features to optimise production costs and all the features critical to the success of smoke detector technology, but also introduces several innovations that are firsts in the field of smoke detection.

Invetech has designed and engineered 3 generations of smoke detection products for Xtralis.