We specialize in providing full-spectrum product realization services for a broad range of market sectors, including laboratory diagnostics, point of care diagnostics, cell therapy, life sciences, industrial and consumer products.

Industrial Products

Combining technical know-how and commercial experience to deliver your industrial product to market on time and at the right product cost.

Innovative new industrial products focus on more than just new features. They often require improved functionality and better ergonomics to meet customer needs, and often involve integrating new technologies that are outside a company's core capability. In addition, market pressures require developments done in shorter times, to tighter budgets and to meet ever more demanding cost of goods targets.

Our technical knowhow and commercial experience are critical elements in getting the right product to the right market at the right time.

Our 30 year history of successful industrial product development is evidence of our practical business approach and of our development skills and processes.

More Than Just Advice

For us, the development journey is not new.

Invetech's expertise in developing and integrating new technologies into industrial instruments, industrial equipment and consumer goods provides a breadth of capability and expertise to create the right team for your need.

The Right Product Everytime

Product development involves complex technical-commercial trade-offs - so we work collaboratively with your team throughout the development ensuring your product meets your commercial and technical requirements.

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