We specialize in providing full-spectrum product realization services for a broad range of market sectors, including laboratory diagnostics, point of care diagnostics, cell therapy, life sciences, industrial and consumer products.


Invetech provides development and manufacturing services, delivering market leading first-of-kind instruments for life sciences, IVD and medical companies — collaborative, fast, innovative and systematic.

At Invetech we work collaboratively with you to deliver innovative clinical diagnostics solutions ranging from intelligent custom consumables to complex automated instrumentation. Our contract manufacturing capability specializes in new and complex instruments with a focus on product support and the implementation of cost-reduction strategies.

Instrument Development Specialists

Since 1988, we have developed systems for bio-applications including:

  • Clinical In-vitro Diagnostic Instruments
  • Immunoassay and Clinical Chemistry Analyzers
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Drug Discovery
  • Medical Devices
  • Therapeutic manufacturing

Offering an 'Idea to Market' Service

Our expertise across the full journey enables companies to bring their new developments to market quickly and cost effectively. Whether these are high-throughput core laboratory systems or at-home point-of-care devices or near-patient testing instruments, we develop reliable, robust field-deployable products.

Instrument & Consumable Development

Invetech's unique blend of capabilities enables us to develop both the instrument and the consumables they use. This integrated approach to product and consumable development ensures technical compatibility and maximizes our clients' profitability.

Invetech's established processes and infrastructure routinely deliver shorter time-to-market, reduced manufacturing costs, and enhanced product quality, reliability and serviceability.

Our Services Include:

  • System Definition, Design and Development
  • Process Automation and Optimization
  • Equipment Development
  • Production Scale-up
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Sustaining Engineering

Contract Manufacturing and Automation Solutions

Our in-house contract manufacturing skills ensure a smooth, well-managed transfer from development to manufacture. As a contract manufacturer we know how to ensure that what we design can be manufactured efficiently.

We provide an integrated ISO 13485 certified instrument manufacturing service assuring our clients of a stable, reliable source of products delivered to their nominated distribution points world-wide.

Our automation expertise allows Invetech to not only design and engineer the consumable, but also an optimal manufacturing solution that will support high volume production.


Our integrated in-house capabilities include:

  • Systematic application of human factors engineering for superior product ease-of-use and safety
  • Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) and Design for Ease-of-Service resulting in lower manufacturing and support costs
  • Rigorous application of reliability engineering principles
  • Delivery of compact designs through:
    • miniaturised electronics and sophisticated data processing
    • detection and measurement systems including advanced optics and other sensing technologies
    • Designs of high value-add microfluidics in both consumable and durable form
    • Manufacturing planning and production scale-up, including development of custom automation for high volume consumable cost and quality optimisation
    • Handling a range of samples (blood, cells, tissue, other bodily fluids) and reagents
    • Relevant application sciences including clinical chemistry, immunoassay and molecular techniques
    • Invetech provides rapid, controlled design transfer to our own contract manufacturing group or a manufacturer of your choice, and provides full product life-cycle support with on-going sustaining engineering and next generation design.

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