We specialize in providing full-spectrum product realization services for a broad range of market sectors, including laboratory diagnostics, point of care diagnostics, cell therapy, life sciences, industrial and consumer products.

Consumer Products

From identifying opportunities to creating pioneering designs and breakthrough solutions, Invetech is the partner to take your project from inspiration to completion.

Your Ideal Product/Platform Realization Partner

Our strong track record for delivering breakthrough innovations stems from our balanced and structured approach to opportunity identification, value creation and development of sustained competitive advantage. Every day we integrate our customers’ development needs by understanding their business, identifying enabling technologies and applying design research methods to define exciting new user experiences. We draw on our talent pool of more than 300 designers, engineers and subject matter experts to form a highly skilled and collaborative team of product developers.

Focusing on addressing the needs of all the stakeholders in the ecosystem, our team has the design, engineering and manufacturing expertise essential to delivering product and/or platform solutions that are as practical as they are marketable.

Our skillset spans the entire product life cycle - from concept development through to manufacture - making us the ideal partner to help successfully move your projects from idea to commercial-scale production.

Our unique methodology has helped achieve market-winning solutions across a variety of consumer market segments such as: Food & Beverage, Personal Care and Patient Health & Wellness.

Food & Beverage

Mass Customization

Profound changes in purchasing behavior and evolution of lifestyles are converging to create an ever-increasing flood of choices for the modern consumer. To win in this category companies need to identify disruptive and engaging ways to provide for individual preferences at a competitive cost. Our long track record of designing complex electro mechanical systems, including accurate dispensing and mixing makes us the ideal partner for exploring the next frontier in this exciting category.

Areas of Expertise

  • Breakthrough cross-industry technology transfer
  • Design of complex fluidics systems – macro and micro
  • Defining and delivering mass customization systems and consumables
  • Advanced IP development supporting installed base business models
  • Functional packaging design

Personal Care

Towards Personalized Treatments

The global personal care, health and beauty industry has reached the limits of what can be achieved with topical chemistry alone. By leveraging a combination of chemistry and devices, both diagnostic and therapeutic, it is possible to break through traditional barriers to achieve superior performance and personalized outcomes. Our deep experience in clinical diagnostics and advanced therapies places us in a unique position to help companies seeking disruptive change in this dynamic market.

Areas of Expertise

  • Discovery of user needs and design of personalized experiences
  • Diagnostics for fine measurement parameters
  • Mass customization systems, devices and consumables
  • Wireless technology and mobile communication systems
  • Elegant and highly intuitive user interfaces
  • FDA compliant design and engineering for manufacture

Patient Health & Wellness

Innovating for the Healthcare Continuum

Waves of development and innovation in digital health continue to accelerate year after year. Informatics and actionable insights are now available for everyone along the healthcare continuum. Macro trends are focused on extracting, reducing and preventing patient expense and risk while increasing patient outcomes. Therefore, traditional development projects are a thing of the past. Convergence of life science and the consumer healthcare industry are currently underway. The combination of our life sciences expertise, advanced medical technologies development, and platform innovation for the healthcare ecosystem position us as the ideal platform development partner.

Areas of Expertise

  • Design of high-volume, high-precision microfluidic consumables
  • Design of smart packaging and next generation drug delivery systems
  • Wireless technology and mobile communication systems
  • Design of elegant and highly intuitive user interfaces
  • Human factors and usability engineering to deliver safe and reliable products
  • Complex medical systems design engineering
  • Full ISO 13485 compliant manufacturing facility

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