We specialize in providing full-spectrum product realization services for a broad range of market sectors, including laboratory diagnostics, point of care diagnostics, cell therapy, life sciences, industrial and consumer products.

Our range of skills across the product life cycle, from concept development through to manufacture, ensures you can be confident of achieving a successful commercial outcome for your project.

Our team of designers, engineers, scientists and manufacturing experts works closely with you to:

Deliver Your Product at the Right Price

Our collaborative and integrated approach, technical know-how and commercial experience means we understand your commercial drivers and the need for a competitive edge. We maintain a sharp focus on your product cost throughout the development process.

Give You The Confidence You Can Manufacture Your New Product

Our team of manufacturing specialists is involved from the start of your development journey ensuring projected volumes and manufacturing methods are considered and influence the design early in the process.

Accelerate Your Time-to-Market and Minimise Your Investment

Our 30 years of successful product development is evidence of our approach, skills and processes, which combine to deliver your commercial success.