Structured Innovation

We thrive on opportunities to solve complex problems and deliver disruptive innovation to our clients. We apply our creativity across all aspects of our business; in the solutions we deliver, and in the tools and processes we apply.

In project challenges, we employ a Structured Innovation Process that ensures we focus on the challenges that are most important to you. Once we have defined the core challenge, we then draw on some of our most appropriate creativity tools and focus our creative abilities on generating innovative solutions to meet your needs.

Early in our process, creative ideas are assessed against a range of technical and commercial criteria. We explore the pros and cons of each solution with you including performance, functionality, user experience, development timeframes, cost (development, COGs, and technical risk, etc) so that an informed choice can be made about which options should be pursued that best meets your needs.

Finally our sophisticated ideas harvesting tools ensure that development effort is focussed on progressing only the most appropriate ideas.

Most important of all, we expect that you, our client, remain deeply involved throughout our innovation process providing much needed domain knowledge up front, and becoming an integral member of the creative process throughout.

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