Production Scale-Up

Often, a strategy for the production scale-up of a new product is a problem for many. Interested parties have different and conflicting perspectives depending on their current circumstances:

  • Sales & Marketing don't want to be in a position where sales are constrained by capacity, but don't have robust Market data until the product is launched
  • R&D need time to refine the product design and manufacturing process
  • Production need time to build reliable, efficient and quality production capacity
  • Finance needs to manage cash flow and will often delay expenditure until absolutely essential

For regulated products, the issue is further complicated by the need to produce all product in an "equivalent" way to the final product.

With over 30 years experience helping our Clients get new products to market, we are acutely aware of these challenges. Several powerful tools, processes and expertise have been developed to enable us to assist Clients in selecting and implementing the most appropriate strategy for their specific circumstances including:

  • a staged development process to manage risk, schedule and cost by providing clear, manageable tasks and outputs
  • the Invetech Product Cost Model (c) to identify how the product cost varies with increasing product volumes and varying degrees of automation
  • an ability to define and develop production equipment ranging from low volume manual systems to fully automated, high volume equipment

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