We've successfully completed hundreds of fluidics-specific projects, partnering with world-leading specialists to develop innovative biomedical consumables, spray nozzles for dispensing glue-like fluids and complex systems for dispensing high volume liquids.

Complex fluidics is a core competency at Invetech where we offer specific expertise in:

  • fluid flow finite element analysis
  • multichannel fluidics
  • complex distribution manifolds
  • silicon on glass microfluidics
  • low cost microfluidics disposables
  • high precision fluidics – 2 microliter dispense
  • difficult to handle fluids – solvents, adhesives, waxes
  • aerosol nozzle design
  • pumping and control systems
  • dispensing systems design
  • bulk fluid handling and management including pump and valve design
  • cellular processing
  • sealing
  • closed consumables
  • cell separation
  • apheresis

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