Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Our electronics group has diverse skills and experience gained from a wide variety of industries, world-class tools and equipment and outstanding on-site facilities.

We have well established processes for quality assurance and are familiar with standards and regulatory compliance issues.

Some of our skills include:

  • Design for Regulatory Compliance
  • Embedded microprocessor, microcontroller and DSP design
  • Experience in PAL, GAL, EPLD, FPGA, programmable logic and ASICs
  • Low level software design in C, assembler and VHDL
  • Analog design and power supply systems
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and simulation
  • Serial, parallel and RF communications, interfaces and protocols
  • Robotics, sensing and control systems
  • Data acquisition, remote sensing and measurement
  • Optical and electro-optic systems
  • Chemical sensing and analysis
  • Image capture and signal processing

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