Automated Measurement & Testing

Measurement and testing is an integral part of most automated systems.

For a diagnostic instrument or research platform for drug discovery, measurement and testing is often the primary purpose of the system with the quality, speed or cost of the test the key product differentiator.

In an automated production system measurement and testing usually relates to in-process or final QC to ensure that process parameters are within operating limits and that product produced is within specification.

Measurement and testing, particularly where the technology is not readily available off-the-shelf, draws heavily on our specialist expertise including:

  • optics
  • software
  • electronics
  • fluidics
  • mechanical

We use a risk-based design philosophy to identify potential failure modes and from this determine the most appropriate strategy for measurement and testing in order of priority:

  • modify the product or process design to eliminate the failure mode
  • control the production process to prevent the defect occurring
  • detect the defect when it occurs

Automated systems will typically comprise a combination of all of the above to ensure that quality is guaranteed. There is also the significant benefit of minimising waste and hence product cost by preventing defects from occurring in the first place.

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