Automated Handling & Assembly

Automated handling and assembly of challenging components is at the core of many of our projects and often what sets Invetech apart.

This expertise has been successfully applied to many processes not previously automated or even thought possible and has consequently delivered significant competitive advantage to our Clients.

This expertise requires us to draw on our engineering and innovation capabilities including experience from a broad range of industries.

  • High speed selection, orientation and layer packing of rubber gloves
  • Automatic glass cover slip application to microscope slides
  • Cropping, layer stacking, welding and packaging of 20 micron, high purity aluminium foil
  • Automatic handling of tubes, racks, flasks, bottles, well plates and slides including addition of reagents, beads and patient samples
  • Assembly, filling, sealing and testing in controlled atmosphere environment
  • Automated processing of food products including sorting, filling, weighing and packaging of pasta, seafood, meats, salads, vegetables, biscuits and confectionary
  • Frozen and thawed patient product in sterile bags

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