Applied Sciences

Successful companies rely on new products to keep them ahead of their competition. But conceiving, then developing new products, and bringing them to market fast and cost effectively needs knowledge, competence and experience.

Our skills and diverse capabilities in the applied sciences enables us to better assist you with your specific technology challenge. In particular, we can assist in both the investigation of technological refinements and verification of the final product/instrument design.

Our suite of in-house laboratories permits us to handle biohazardous materials and chemicals and therefore critical "chemistry" performance requirements can be evaluated and tracked throughout the development process. The laboratories are staffed by scientists, specialists and technicians with substantial research & clinical experience in the areas including:

  • immunoassays & clinical chemistry
  • histology & cytology
  • molecular biology & microbiology
  • hematology
  • food science
  • materials science
  • electromagnetics
  • ultrasonics
  • thermodynamics and fluidics
  • wave and particle physics

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