Invetech is a collection of over 300 designers, engineers, scientists, rock climbers and ballroom dancers. Meet some of our people and find out what makes us tick.

Lauren O'Connor Software Engineer, Educator, Singer

From managing the transition of a POC hematology instrument from development to manufacture, to mentoring female high school students on clean energy projects, Lauren’s driving passion is improving lives. “I’m passionate about improving people’s lives, through education, through better health outcomes.”

Andrew Guy Engineer, Pixel Artist, Upcycler

A key team member on many cell therapy automation projects, Andrew comments “I think about the birthday cakes that wouldn't have been if not for technology we’re developing”. Apart from saving lives, Andrew sets the standard in saving the environment, from making tables out of old packing crates to creating decorative made from hard-rubbish and garage sales finds, and beyond.

Ashleigh Williams Mechatronics Engineer, Field Hockey Player

Ashleigh plays a leading role in the development of our clients’ cell therapy technology. “For me, there is no greater driving force than knowing that the work we are doing will save lives, will help cure cancer”

Brian Cattaneo Biomedical Engineer, Cell Biologist, Maker, Surfer

Brian has a master’s degree in stem cell research and deep experience in cell culture and surgical devices. Brian’s first week at Invetech included visiting a local abattoir for a fresh pig’s leg, harvesting the bone marrow, then successfully culturing stem cells for use in one of our projects. To clear his mind, he can be found beyond the breakers at Bells Beach when visiting our Melbourne office.

Richard Badham Manufacturing Engineer, Jet Engine Designer, Automotive Restorer

Coming to Invetech by way of Rolls Royce aviation where he designed jet engines, Richard is passionate about manufacturing high-technology products. “I get great satisfaction in knowing every single product we deliver is going to a customer somewhere around the world to be used to improve or save lives!”

Richard Badham - Master Builder

Ali Shushtarian Scientist, Laboratory Specialist, Photographer

Not content with his busy role in the laboratories of Invetech, Ali spends his Saturdays working for a pathology laboratory. “It’s something I’m just passionate about. I get to experience new, automated systems and keep my skills fresh in terms of being an active lab user”.

Kon Wong Designer, Innovator, Caricaturist

Our go-to man for creative thinking from breakthrough innovation to staff caricatures. “I love the challenge of idea generation and innovation workshops. And I strongly believe artistically rich visual communication is key to effective problem solving”

Brendyn Rodgers Principal Industrial Designer, craftsman

A member of the Invetech team for nearly 20 years, Brendyn has been one of our design stalwarts working across all manner of projects from Fast Moving Consumer Goods through to medical diagnostics technologies.

Brendyn is passionate about all aspects of design, and solving the most difficult of challenges. In recent years, he has embarked on a personal challenge to reinvent the (wooden) bicycle, and to develop a cost effective manufacturing approach to building his elegant machines. Click the link below to read more about Brendyn and his design challenges.

Brendyn's Bike Story

Ian Sellars Electronics Engineer, Author, Antiquities Collector

Amongst many projects, Ian has been the leading light of our RoHS offering, a role that calls for extraordinary attention to detail. Naturally, this trait is evident in Ian’s private pursuits including spending 10 years writing a definitive text on the history of Roman coinage – in his spare time.

“One of my more memorable projects was developing a molecular diagnostic platform for detecting tuberculosis in 3rd world countries. From a technical perspective it was challenging integrating so much technology into a compact instrument including sample preparation, ultrasonics, rapid PCR, electrophoresis, optics and microfluidics. How we whooped with delight when a perfect electropherogram first appeared on the screen!”

Inge Spijkers Biochemist, Software Tester

Inge’s experience in diagnostics instruments has come full circle. Originally a biochemist developing ELISA and amplification tests, she transitioned to specialist software testing at both the application and instrument control level. “I feel my deep understanding of the instrument chemistry and function is so critical in ensuring reliability, and usability”

Maxim Pamieta Designer, Usability Engineer, Musician

Multi-faceted Max, musician, songwriter, band manager, creative artist, designer and engineer at Invetech. “My recent usability activities on a large instrument program have been particularly rewarding as I know my contribution will enable the end user to have the best possible operating experience whilst removing the potential for user-error”.

Craig Wilkinson Designer, Technologist, Engineer of Coffee

When you next make your coffee, whether at home or at the office, you may just be using the latest technology developed by Craig and his team that will ensure your coffee is perfect, whether brewed in Melbourne or Marseille. “Our most recent coffee challenge saw us improve quality, improve performance and significantly reduce product cost and environmental waste. It was thrilling to share this with our client”

Craig Wilkinson - Raspberry Pi and Short Crust

Paul Tsironis Electrical Engineer, Quality Deployment, Soccer Player

What better environment than the Japanese automotive industry to learn and master Quality Policy and Deployment. Paul’s years in Japan with Toyota have delivered a kind of cultural revolution to the project teams at Invetech. In discussing his motivations, “Contributing to humanity through developing instruments that help save lives” is high on his list.

Pierre Vancaillie Engineer, Rock Climber, World Traveller

Pierre is responsible for management of the mechanical engineering and industrial design teams in our San Diego office.  Previous experience includes working with medical device companies Cochlear and The Bionics Institute on bionic eyes and ears. “I am passionate about tackling challenges that I know will result in the improvement of people’s lives.”

Eileen Heller Human Resources Manager, Humanitarian

Since joining Invetech San Diego in 2008, Eileen has applied her energies as Manager of Administrative Services, Events Manager, and most recently, Human Resources Manager.

It is Eileen’s innate ability to develop positive and constructive relationships, together with deep organizational skills, which has made her a key team member at Invetech and a driving force behind Project LOL, a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of San Diego’s homeless and at-risk children. Click the following link for more information on Eileen’s Project LOL activities.

Eileen’s Project LOL Story

Marjorie Toth Project Manager, Team Facilitator, Bird Watcher, Nature Enthusiast

Marjorie has over 15 years of experience in product development in the life science and medical device industries. She has successfully transferred multiple instrument systems into production (including three novel technology platforms) and has served as program team leader/member for multiple Point of Care development programs. “My passion is seeing really good ideas turned into a delivered product that has the ability to change people’s lives.”