Invetech officially began in 1987, but the company’s origins go back to the early sixties in the UK, when Cambridge Consultants was established as a pioneer in providing contract R&D and product development services.


  • Invetech and Caladrius Biosciences receive 2017 Good Design Award® for design of a counterflow centrifuge device for use in the development of cell therapies
  • Invetech announces senior management changes
  • Invetech announces agreement with Erytech to develop scalable automated manufacturing system


  • Invetech becomes a foundation member of Fortive Corporation
  • Invetech, Haemonetics and Coramed win Good Design Award for TEG 6s
  • Invetech and Celyad SA announce a collaboration to realize the commercial cGMP production of C-Cure®


  • Invetech announces it will join Fortive
  • Andreas Knaack is appointed President of Invetech
  • Invetech and Vaxxas are named recipients of the 2015 Good Design Award for development of the Nanopatch Jet Coating Instrument for needle-free drug delivery
  • NanoCellect and Invetech announce a collaboration to develop a novel flow cytometry platform for cell sorting and analysis
  • NeoStem and Invetech announce an agreement to develop a closed processing system for cell therapy manufacturing


  • Invetech and Argos Therapeutics announce an agreement to support the global production of fully personalized immunotherapies
  • Danaher company, Dover Motion, becomes part of Invetech.
  • Invetech and Biocartis announce a collaboration agreement for the production of multiplex biomarker analysis platform Evalution™


  • Invetech announces an agreement with Bio-Rad to manufacture the BioPlex 2200 diagnostic platform for a further 10 years.


  • Colin White is appointed president of Invetech.


  • Coca-Cola's Freestyle wins gold at the Edison Awards Best New Product in the New Retail Frontiers category.
  • FORBES magazine declares Coca-Cola Freestyle the Coolest Product of the Decade.


  • The Invetech designed PREVI Isola for bioMerieux wins 2010 Gold Medical Design Excellence Award.
  • World-first fully automated cell therapy units delivered to Argos Therapeutics.


  • Invetech opens new office in Zurich, Switzerland.


  • Invetech expands globally.
  • Invetech opens a new facility in San Diego, California.


  • Invetech begins development on Coca-Cola's ground-breaking Freestyle soda fountain.
  • Invetech develops and constructs Organovo's first 3D bioprinter.
  • Danaher buys Vision Systems Limited for more than AUD800M.
  • Invetech becomes a member of the Danaher Group of companies. Vision BioSystems is integrated into Leica Microsystems and renamed Leica Biosystems Division.


  • Invetech commences development of world-first cell therapy production automation equipment for Argos Therapeutics.


  • Invetech supports a AUD9M product development programme for its sister companies.
  • The developments help move Vision Fire & Security and Vision BioSystems towards world leadership in their respective global markets.


  • Invetech lists on the stock exchange.
  • Invetech lists via a reverse takeover of the already listed Vision Systems Ltd. Australian Biomedical is renamed Vision BioSystems.


  • Invetech begins international operations.
  • Invetech sets up its first offshore facility in Malaysia to support a growing Asian client base.


  • Invetech acquires Australian Biomedical Corporation from AIDC and Wormald.


  • Invetech exports its services.
  • Invetech develops the Histostainer for Reichart Jung (Leica), and begins to export instrument development services.
  • Invetech officially begins.
  • A management buy-out is completed and the company name is changed to Invetech (staff of 35). A new business plan includes establishing sister companies to commercialise IP and products developed by Invetech.


  • A change in direction.
  • Senior staff resign from PA Technology to raise AUD5M and buy PA Technology Asia Pacific from PA (UK).


  • PA Technology Asia Pacific begins.
  • One of the three Directors (Alexander Gosling) is transferred to Melbourne to set up Patscentre Australia (later PA Technology Asia Pacific). James Fox is recruited in 1977.


  • CCL is acquired by US interests.
  • Three CCL directors move to PA Technology to set up Patscentre near Cambridge, to provide similar services.


  • Cambridge Consultants Limited (CCL) established in Cambridge, UK, as a pioneer in providing contract R&D and product development services.